Email Marketing

Direct emails to end customers are the unbeatable tool in marketing. Commercial messages can easily be sent to customers, all products and services can easily be communicated with the use of texts, images etc. Personalized emails get immediate attention from customers and they tend to read what is in there for them.

Email marketing is very cost effective, in spite of low conversation, e-mails are still found to be valuable for its low cost per contact. If done properly, email marketing can give immediate push in sales.

Strategies on which Millenialadvertise focuses:

  • Appropriate Subject Lines: People open an email based on the subject line alone. Your subject should be concise and informative, giving reader the reason to click through.
  • Personalized Emails: To make email campaign more effective, use customizable fields to personalize each message. Little details of the recipients like name, website URL, brand name etc. goes a long way towards engaging your audience and encouraging follow-through.
  • Segment Your Emails: To personalize your mail further, segment your email lists into smaller, niche customer groups based on location, gender, age, past purchases, and more. The objective behind this is to provide a particular customer group with deals and updates which are of his importance only.
  • Use Images to make it catchier: Many email recipients prefer viewing mails in HTML, fully optimized with images or graphics, custom fonts, and styles, since they can be read at a glance. You only have few seconds to get a response from your reader, the more visually interesting your campaign is, the more likely are the chances that the reader will go through it.
  • ​Social Sharing Buttons in Emails: Emails that have social sharing buttons generate higher click-through rate unlike others. To initiate action from reader, then you must include a means for the reader to share or to follow your newsletter or other with their own social network.
  • ​Update Emails frequently: One should frequently update their newsletter or other information to give fresh look to the mail and avoid monotony. One may refresh it from time to time, both in the form or content.
  • ​Update Emails frequently: Most of the emails are sent from 9 to 5. But, the top email strategy is to send at night. 8:00 p.m. to midnight is the prime time to send your email.
  • ​Responsive Mail Design: Now a days, maximum number of people access mails on their mobiles. So the email design should be responsive, to ensure that your email looks great no matter where it’s read.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing for your Business:

  • It's simple, and easy to track
  • E-mail marketing is cost-effective
  • It works
  • It builds relationships

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